Operators Health & Safety

All operators (Hirer) must adhere and understand in full all manufacturer instructions and or manuals and are fully aware and understand the following prior to the use of any machinery:

A/ It is the Hirers responsibility to ensure that the correct Safety (PPE) Equipment is worn at all given times whilst using our hired products.

B/ The hirer is fully conversant with the use of the machine or machines in hand.

C/ Seat belts are to be worn at all given times.

D/ No age less than 18 years to operate any machinery.

E/ Not to attempt to repair the machine under any circumstances.

F/ Ensure that there are no leaks or loose covers prior to use.

G/ Ensure all persons are clear and not within reach of any machine whilst in operation.

H/ You must be aware of all overhead and underground wires, cables, pipes etc.

I/ Never use maximum engine speed.

J/ Never leave a machine running when not seated or at the controls.

K/ Ensure all blades are on the ground prior to dismounting any machine.

L/ Always travel in a straight line keeping your arm and bucket low at all times.

M/ Ensure the dozer blade is down for stabilization during digging.

N/ Familiarise yourself with any offset position or when turning 360% in a confined space.

O/ Do not carry any persons on any machine at any given time.

P/ Keep animals and children away from all machinery.

Q/ Ensure any trench work over 1 (one) metre have adequate support.

R/ Never track over open trenches, always move backwards and or away when digging a trench.

S/ Never use the boom or buckets as a sling to carry or as a hammer to break concrete etc.

T/ Never smoke or use naked flames near any machine EVEN IF IT IS NOT IN OPERATION.

U/ All refuelling should be carried out in a ventilated area.

V/ If using a machine in a confined space, ensure that the area is well ventilated. FUMES WILL KILL.

W/ Always report any issues you may have with the machine to the driver on collection.

X/ Please ensure that you have read and fully understand the above prior to signing for any Equipment or Machinery, if in doubt call our office team who will endeavour to answer any questions.