Hire Agreement

1/ All operators must adhere and understand in full all manufacturer instructions and or manuals prior to the use of any machinery hired.

2/ It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they and any other person they allow to operate any hired equipment, is suitably trained and instructed to operate the equipment safely and understands the Health and Safety Documents which can be found on our website.

3/ In the event that any machinery and or attatchments or missplaced, missing or reported stolen the the higher will bear full costs of the loss of all equipment.

4/ The Customer is fully responsible for the safety of all machinery once signed for and in their possession, if in the event that you do not have insurance cover, we are able to provide adequate cover to the customer at 15% of the agreed hired product(s). If you have your own (Hired In Plant Insurance) a copy must be supplied prior to the hire of any product. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENTS 13 AND 14 BELOW.

5/ As a new customer, When Ordering our products for the first time you will be asked to provide two types of identity and payment settled prior to the delivery.

6/ All Account holders must adhere to our strict 30 day invoiced credit account from the date of all signatures.

7/ It is the Customers responsibility to ensure that the correct Safety (PPE) Equipment is worn at all given times whilst using our hired products.

8/ In Order To provide a reliable service, all our stock are Maintained (serviced) on a regular basis, in the unlikely event that a machine breaks down, the loss of any attachments or shows any form of warning lights, fuel or hydraulic leaks during a hire period it is the customers responsibility to contact us immediately. DO NOT USE THE MACHINERY
We will send a qualified Fitter directly to you at a reasonable time or arrange a speedy replacement. The hire company will not be liable for any downtime.

9/ All machinery will have a full tank of fuel upon delivery, the customer is responsible for ensuring all machinery is refuelled prior to collection, the customer will be charged per litre if not refuelled once collected.
We can supply a 10 or 20 litre FUEL BOX (Red Diesel) when hiring out our machines, this is cheaper than paying per litre at the pumps but can only be used in plant equipment.

10/ NOTE: We use Commercial Fuel (Red Diesel) in our machines, any attempt to forcefully remove fuel IS ILLEGAL and will be picked up on our tracking system through hours worked, CRIMINAL CHARGES will be brought against any persons illegally removing fuel as this is theft.

11/ Under no circumstances must any machinery be removed from the delivered site without prior consent from the hire company.

12/ Whilst the equipment is in the possession of the customer during the hire period, and or any extended period resulting from early delivery or late collection, the customer accepts all risks for personal injury, public liability, personal liability and or damage to property related to the use of the hired equipment.

13/ The quoted hire Rates, and any other costs stated on our website may change from time to time unless the product(s) and services have been booked in.

14/ If you the customer have YOUR OWN INSURANCE COVER whilst our product is in your possession, in the event of loss, (Theft) or damage has been caused by negligence, user error including any form of vandalism, any parts including keys, Ratchets, Quick hitch bars or attachments broken or missing, any significant scratches and or dents than the customer will be fully liable for all costs, claims including Excess and Labour charges, all repairs, recovery and or replacement to the value of the hired unit(s).

15/ If you the customer have taken out OUR OWN INSURANCE COVER whilst our product is in your possession, in the event of the loss, (Theft) or damage has been caused by negligence, user error including any form of vandalism, any significant parts broken or missing then the customer will be fully liable for the first £500.00 excess charge, excluding vat through our insurance company, any loss or damage including keys, Ratchets, Quick hitch bars any attachments were broken or missing, any significant scratches and or dents less than the value of £500.00 excluding vat caused whilst in the customers possession then the customer will be fully liable for all replacements, repairs and or recovery. At the discretion of the company, due to the nature and use of these products, whilst taking out our insurance, we tend to waiver minor damage.

16/ All our machinery is hired out in a clean and presentable manner. Although we appreciate that it is not brand new, we do expect our equipment to be treated with due care and attention and ask that it is returned to us in a similar state you received it.

17/ If, on receipt of the equipment we deem that no effort has been made or there is an excess waste on the machinery we will apply a cleaning charge of £25.00 excluding vat to cover the labour required to return any hired equipment (Plant) back to a fit state ready for hire.